Maintenance Request

We recommend that all requests for maintenance should be submitted to this office in writing in order to be acknowledged.   This can be either by letter; email; a text message that clearly identifies you and the property or using the contact form below.

In the case of an emergency you may telephone your Property Manager.

Where there is major damage from such events as storm, flood or fire including after hours emergencies tenants should contact the State Emergency Service on 132 500 for immediate assistance.

Please note that if we or our repairers are unable to contact you or otherwise to arrange access at a reasonable time we are permitted to gain access without you being present according to;

Residential Tenancies Act 1995

Section 72 – Rights of Entry

(1)   It is a term of a residential tenancy agreement that the landlord (or an agent of the landlord) may enter the premises—

(a) in an emergency; or
(d) to carry out garden maintenance, but only—

(i) at a time previously arranged with the tenant no more than 7 days before the day of entry; or
(ii) (ii) in accordance with a written notice given to the tenant no less than 7 and no more than 14 days before the day of entry stating the purpose of the proposed entry and the date and time (which must be within normal hours) of the proposed entry; or

(e) to carry out necessary maintenance (other than garden maintenance) or repairs (other than in an emergency), but only at a time within normal hours of which the tenant has been given at least 48 hours notice;

(2) It is a term of a residential tenancy agreement that if the tenant has indicated to the landlord that he or she wishes to be present during the period when the landlord or landlord’s agent is at the premises, the landlord (or an agent of the landlord) may not enter the premises unless a reasonable effort has been made to arrange for the visit to occur at a time when it is convenient for the tenant to be present (having regard to the work and other commitments of both the tenant and the persons entering the premises).

(3)   Subsection (2) does not apply to entry under subsection (1)(a) …

(6) In this section— normal hours means the hours between 8am and 8pm on any day other than a Sunday or public holiday.

To report a maintenance issue with your rental property please email us using the form below:

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