Rental Application

A step by step how to …

Many tenants when coming to a property inspection will see all the other people coming along at the same time and think to themselves, “No way will I be able to get this property with so many people applying!” and so we never hear from them.   And, in fact, we may never hear from most of the others because they all thought the same thing!

Never assume that you will be overlooked!

We would like everyone to submit an application and to follow up to find out how it is going.

Download:    Rental Application Form

Once we receive an application we endeavour to let the applicant know how it is going within 48 hours but often it can be so busy for the Property Managers that they don’t meet the deadline.   If this is the case then we encourage you to get back in touch with us as soon as possible.

All of our property inspections show the following statement;

TENANTS: It is essential that you view the property for yourself rather than to send a friend or family member.  When you meet the agent at the property you will be given an application form. Alternatively please email the agent for an application.

See above ‘Open for Inspection Times’ on this page or the agent to arrange another time to suit you

The First Step

Read the Internet ad to see if there has been an ‘Open Inspection Time’ arranged and if not then ring the agent to tell them what time is going to suit you.   It is far better to ring the agent but if you can’t then email with the best time and date to suit you.

Meeting at the Inspection Property

Arrive at the property for the arranged inspection at the allotted time but preferable not early and wait out the front by the foot path until the agent comes to meet you and show you through.

Remember that there may be people still living at the property so it is not good to arrive too early and don’t go to the front door until you see the agent.   If there is a delay then ring the agent on their mobile.

Introduce yourself to the Property Manager, they will be glad to see you as ultimately it will make their job easier to find out who is interested in the property.

You will be shown through the property and given a Tenancy Application Form which includes our requirement for you getting 100 points ID.

What if you don’t have a rental history?

If you are a first time renter a lot of landlords could be concerned that you have no experience dealing with rental properties or will be otherwise unable to take of the responsibility of their property.

You may have a bigger hurdle to overcome if you are also young and never lived in a house by yourself.

Not all landlords may be of this opinion but if the house you want has a Landlord who insists on someone with a proven rental history, you may need to consider other options.   This might be resolved by having a family member (Father or Mother with a reasonable income. ) become, what a lot of people commonly refer to as, a Guarantor on the lease.

A Guarantor is not defined in the Residential Tenancies Act so technically this option will not work.   However we can overcome this enabling us to take on a first time renter and achieve much the same thing.

To do this mum or dad will also need to fill out the Tenancy Application Form just as though they would be living at the property with you by answering all the questions relating to income, debts, rental history or home ownership history and supply 100 points ID.   This is required because we will be doing our normal checks on them instead of you.

The Lease will need to be made in the name of what will be the Tenant and the Guarantor but in reality both will be Tenants with exactly the same rights and obligations.   Signing the Residential Tenancy Agreement (Lease) gives them what is called a ‘joint and several liability’.

(When two or more tenants have joint and several liability for a debt, a Landlord may sue any one of the tenants.   If a Landlord recovers money from one tenant, that tenant may pursue the other tenants for their respective share of obligation.   In other words, it becomes the responsibility of the tenant who was initially sued to recover from the other tenants for their contribution.)

The bottom line is … if you muck up with dad on the lease he will get left with the lot and then he will come after you otherwise his credit rating will be ruined!

What if you are a new arrival in the country?

You may be one of many people coming into Australia for the first time who might never have had a rental property or owned a home in their lives but you should not have a problem getting a rental property here.

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection can very often put such big hurdles in the way of potential immigrants with so many personal, family, police, financial and other checks that they will far exceed what we could hope to do here.

So, depending on the type of entry visa granted we will gladly extend our invitation to you into one of our homes.

All we will need is a good photo copy of your current passport & visa (and to see the originals) plus some other documents showing your residency here like a current bank statement (not an email printout).

If you wish to secure a rental property here before departing from overseas and if you do not have a friend or relative in Adelaide to inspect it before you sign a lease then you will need to be especially careful that you lease a property that is adequate for your needs.

Most often we will only rent a property to a person who has inspected it first.   The reason for this is that you could arrive from overseas at the house only to find it was totally inadequate or you might think that the photos you saw on the internet were completely misleading and so want to end the lease before you start.

We have overcome all these things in the past by only renting new or as new homes and by supplying detailed photos, floor plans and site plans.   In these cases we were dealing with homes that would be suitable to anyone and we were dealing with people who knew we had done everything possible to ensure no misunderstandings were made.

If you would like to ask us about any of these things, even if you are currently overseas, then please ring us on overseas, on +61414969490.

What we require

As previously stated we will need 100 points identification as set out on the Tenancy Application Form you were given.

We will complete various independent checks including with TICA tenant checking system, NCM (National Credit Management) and the Magistrates Court before presenting your application to the landlord for final approval.

More information is available on the application.

If you would like to download an Application Form & our requirements for getting 100 points ID then click on the link below.

Rental Application Form

DIRECTIONS:  Fill in this application, sign in the 2 places indicated then email back to us with a good copy of all your ID to