Renting Your Home

What we do

Finding tenants and managing residential rental properties is the core of our business.   This is our specialty.

Whereas most real estate agents concentrate on selling homes and might occasionally be asked to find tenants for some of the properties they have sold we actively seek out new properties to manage.   This is the primary way we expand our business.

Our sales department will operate in conjunction with our Property Managers as we look after all the issues with your property.

And our business is to always make Your Investment Our Priority.

How long will your Home take to Rent?

Generally if you have a property that is well presented, in a reasonable location and correctly priced it will take about 2 to 4 weeks to rent.  

You can change almost everything about your property except the location so look for a good Property Manager who can correctly advise you on presentation, market rent and the best advertising to achieve a quick letting.

Location problems could refer to a property that is comparatively isolated or maybe has a driveway leading onto a busy intersection or just on a very noisy road but if considered carefully any handicap of this nature can be largely overcome.

The Most Important Question:   “Can you find a Good Tenant?”

We believe that a good home will find a good tenant; you just have to allow a bit of time for that to happen.   And if you can allow this short investment of time you stand to reap the dividends for what could be many years of loyal tenant occupancy.

But we still say that given the right resources and the ability to pick and choose prospective tenants a good Property Manager should be able to find a good tenant for ANY PROPERTY.

A good Property Manager when showing your property to a prospective tenant will observe the people that come to your home and about them.   They will see everything from the quality of their cars to their attitude as they walk through your property

Once having received a completed application form the agent will then proceed to check the references giving special attention to:-

Employers statements
Declarations from past landlords or agents
Personal references
Status of parents (or other) guarantors for the applicant
Personal references
Status of parents (or other) guarantors for the applicant
Enquiries with specific Mercantile Credit Checking Systems
Enquiries with tenant blacklists including TICA Tenant Register
100 points identification requirement

But we insist on going even further to find the truth behind your applicant.

For the rest of this story we need to talk to you because not all details can be revealed or discussed on a public forum such as this.