Thinking of Selling?

Why Adelaide South Property?

At Adelaide South Property, we are committed to giving you the highest quality service by constantly exceeding your expectations. We believe in taking care of our clients so that they can achieve financial freedom and to enable them to lead a comfortable lifestyle or retirement.  We believe in innovative solutions to provide outstanding marketing results for your biggest assets.  Above all, with our personal ethnics and maximum effort we will do our very best to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Steps you should consider when thinking about Selling Your Home

The first step in selling your home should be to find a suitable real estate agent, someone who can demonstrate;

• They have good understanding of the market in your area,
• Can establish to your satisfaction that they know the value of your home and
• Have the ability to market your home in a way that will achieve the best result.

Market Appraisal

If you want to see what we can do then we invite you to invite us to your home to give a full assessment of market value and potential of your home.

Our intention will be to find out the bigger picture of what you want to achieve and when you want to do it. If this leads to seriously considering putting your home on the market we will then discuss what your expectations are.

Many people become totally frustrated when having their property appraised. Agents can appear to pressure them into making a decision to list their home to sell with them immediately. But we will try to be different.

Maybe after our visit you will decide that selling is not for you or maybe you will go down this path later; that’s all fine because we can keep in contact with you in the future to see how your plans are going.

But if you decide to go to the next step we will show you:-

• A print-out of every sale in your street (or close vicinity) for the past two years.
• A print-out of every sale in your district for the past six to twelve months of similar homes.

We will also discuss with you recent market trends and other factors that may impact upon the sale price your property is likely to achieve.

Armed with these facts you are in a position to know the true value of your property.

Now we can talk about the best ways to maximise this price

We can consider;

1. The best method of marketing your property whether for a specific price, a price range, by expression of interest or by public auction
2. Open inspection arrangements and how to prepare your property. We believe in opening a residential property every weekend until sold – we do not want the property to “go stale”. But you will have the last word on what happens in your home.
3. How to prepare your property.  We can give suggestions to optimise the potential price by doing the following;

• Basic repairs or minor upgrades to your home
• A touch up of paint work
• De-cluttering
• Enhance the natural lighting of your home
• Change your furniture
• Full professional styling of your home
• Or don’t touch a thing

Finally we will discuss the Marketing Options available to get the word out about the sale of your home to the people most likely to want to buy.

1. Internet
2. Signboards
3. Letterbox drops
4. Message Alerts
5. Direct mailing to databases
6. Press ads
7. Brochures

8. Video
9. Aerial Photography
10. Social Media

If you would like to find out more then please contact us